Happy Opening Day!

Washington Nationals' Opening Day, 2010
Nats' Opening Day 2010, photo courtesy of whitehouse.gov

You always get a special kick on opening day, no matter how many you go through. You look forward to it like a birthday party when you’re a kid. You think something wonderful is going to happen.
~ Joe DiMaggio

Opening Day is my favorite day of the year.  To me, it should be a national holiday.  I used to always take the day off and either go to the game with my dad, or just stay at home and watch it on TV.  Either way, it was a special day to be honored appropriately, just like any other holiday.   

Opening Day is still special, even when I can’t be there in person (or in front of the TV) supporting my team.  Sure, there’s a lot going on in the world, but perhaps that’s even more of a reason to stop and smell the roses – or the freshly raked infield dirt.  In honor of this very special day, I’m not being the Baseball Sociologist today, just baseballrebecca.

So, take a minute to be a kid again and get reacquainted with your inner baseball fan.  Opening Day is just the beginning – an entire season of possibilities is still ahead!  

~ baseballrebecca


5 thoughts on “Happy Opening Day!

  1. I agree, Opening Day should be a national holiday! I am pretty much bouncing off the walls today and tomorrow (since my team opens tomorrow) I am so excited to watch the baseball season finally begin!


    1. The Orioles open tomorrow in Tampa Bay, so I have another day to wait, too. But the Nats are my second team. Unfortunately they lost, and I wasn’t able to watch. But the news said Livan pitched well …


  2. It was the 1964 Memorial Day Weekend. Every neighborhood boy (no girls were allowed to suit up yet!) had been gathered at the West Mayfield Borough Fire Station parking lot to make the annual march down to the baseball fields. All the dad’s, at least the one’s who were not working at the Steel Mill, drove their boy’s to be there. Joey Montana’s mom’s tugged and prepped her little guy’s uniform for the big parade that would kick off a summer season of baseball. She would never suspect her well-dressed young man’s pants would fall almost to its knees mid-way through the march.

    The Highland Scotties (a junior high band) honked, strummed, and moaned their instruments to life. Some even could play a faint resemblence to the John Phillip Sousa selection that would be repeated as we would march the short two miles to the ball fields. The winter months had passed. Spring had sprung. And, the chatter among every team about “beating the crap!” out of the others had begun. The festive right of summer called baseball had begun….St Single’s Church was about to open.


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