Baseball, Baseball Everywhere!

“Live Your Life Like Every Day is Opening Day”
~ Yogi Berra

Yesterday was truly exciting, even if my Orioles weren’t playing.  It just raised the anticipation all the more!  Unfortunately, I was stuck in a stuffy building attending an equally stuffy conference.  At least I only heard the word “dichotomous” once!

Photo of Yankees symbol on trash canI figured I’d at least be able to entertain myself with my fancy-schmancy phone and be able to keep up with all the news and excitement of Opening Day.  Sadly, I was wrong.  The building we were in was like some kind of fortress where all radio signals were blocked.  Or something like that.  I don’t get technology, but for whatever reason, my phone didn’t work.

I had to find other ways to entertain myself.  And what better way to entertain yourself than with baseball?  I started noting every time someone (other than myself) mentioned baseball.  I was delighted to record 4 instances where baseball was referenced (and I didn’t initiate the conversation) during that  serious, professional meeting. Photo of recycling bin with Orioles logo One person even began his presentation with, “Does anyone know the Nats score?”  Four mentions might not seem to be much, but I was delighted to hear someone refer to cyber security experts as “technology umpires.”  Or maybe I just had baseball on the brain. 

Sport sociologists like to note the pervasiveness of sport in society.  Look around you – are you seeing sport where you least expect it?  (Or is it just me?)

~ baseballrebecca 


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