Most Depressed MLB Cities?

Last week, a health and legal organization published its list of Most Depressed Baseball Cities.  Washington, Baltimore, and Oakland made the top three (followed by Seattle, Houston, San Diego, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Chicago, and Pittsburgh).  They based their rankings on the following things: 

  • psychiatrists and divorce lawyers per capita
  • unemployment rate
  • drinking rate
  • suicide rate
  • mentally unhealthy days reported among adults
  • medical and legal-related questions recorded by the company 
  • number of days over the past three seasons each team held first place and days eliminated from first place contention

An intriguing analysis, to be sure.  But I wonder what other things they tried and found to be unrelated, or what other things they considered.  Sociologists and other social scientists might suggest a whole bunch of variables, regardless of whether or not they had anything to do with our national pastime.  Baseball fans, on the other hand, might have a few more ideas of what makes a happy baseball city.

So, I ask the experts:  Do you agree with the list?  Might there be some other things worth considering?  (Like, perhaps a team’s performance with a new manager, say, since August last year?)

~ baseballrebecca


One thought on “Most Depressed MLB Cities?

  1. I find it kind of hard to believe that Toronto isn’t up there, considering they have only been to the World Series 2 times, and haven’t really been play off worthy in quite a while.
    Cities like NY, and Chicago, and even Cleveland I would have thought would be well below Toronto just on their team spirit alone! Crazy!


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