Got Hank?

Hank AaronI had a Hank Aaron folder when I was in elementary school.  It was my most prized possession.  Even back then, I knew it was kind of odd.  I mean, I was the only kid, not to mention the only girl, in that small, suburban Maryland Catholic elementary school who had Hank Aaron school supplies.  I’d forgotten about my beloved folder until the other day when I looked at my Baseball Hall of Fame calendar and saw that last week was the 37th anniversary of Aaron’s 715th home run.  Hammerin’ Hank surpassed Babe Ruth’s previous HR record on April 8, 1974.  I was probably in 2nd or 3rd grade.

I hadn’t thought of that folder in years, and I haven’t thought about Hank in at least a few days.  ( had a cool article about him last month.)  So I googled him to find out what he’s been up to.  If you weren’t sure of the sociological impact of Hank Aaron, just check out the interesting facts I found:

  • The Hank Aaron Museum opened last year in Mobile, Alabama, right next to Hank Aaron Stadium.  Catching a BayBears game just moved higher up on my Baseball Priority List!
  • If you visit Miller Park in Milwaukee,Wisconsin, you can also take a stroll on Hank Aaron Trail.  This is definitely another stadium on the List.
  • Of course, these days the 77-year old Hank remains involved in everything from baseball to politics, not to mention all the recent discussions of his home run record.

Clearly, Hank has had an impact on society.  Not only did he break records, he broke barriers.  Now I wonder what ever happened to that folder…

~ baseballrebecca


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