18 Innings and Counting

Last night – 30 years and one week to the day of the longest baseball game in history – the Bowie Baysox played the longest game in their franchise history:  18 innings in 5 hours and 27 minutes.  They’d played 16 inning games twice before, but this one set the franchise record for innings played in a game.  And the Baysox won 3-2.

I always miss these record games. 

The longest game in baseball history was the Rochester Red Wings v. the Pawtucket Red Sox on April 18, 1981.  The game lasted 33 innings over more than eight hours (the game was suspended after 32 innings and resumed on June 23).  The Red Wings, a Baltimore Orioles affiliate at the time, featured future hall of famer Cal Ripken, Jr.  Wade Boggs played for Pawtucket.  The PawSox won 3-2.

Another historic game I missed!  (But, then again, I was only 14, so I have an excuse.)  Just how do these historic games affect us?  On a recent TV news report, the few people who remained at that 33-inning game were asked why they stayed until 4 am in the cold Rhode Island April.  Two stated that when they were younger, their parents made them leave a game early, so they vowed to never leave a sporting event early again.   Now that’s dedication.  I need to step up my game.

~ baseballrebecca


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