This Week in Baseball History

A new baseball sociology post is coming soon! 

In in the meantime, enjoy a little baseball history.  All facts are from

June 5, 1966:  The first inside-the-park home run for the New York Mets at Shea Stadium is hit by Ron Hunt.

June 6, 1961:  Lee Thomas hits the first grand slam for the Los Angeles Angels at Memorial Stadium.

June 8, 1966Hank Aaron hits the first grand slam in Atlanta Braves history at the New York Mets.

June 9, 1914Honus Wagner becomes the first 20th century player to reach 3000 hits.

June 10, 1961:  Bill Veeck sells the Chicago White Sox.

June 10, 1991Denver and Miami are awarded expansion teams in the National League.

June 11, 1938Johnny Vander Meer pitches the first of his consecutive no-hitters at Crosley Field. 

June 11, 1990Nolan Ryan pitches his sixth career no-hitter.

June 12, 1967The Washington Senators and the Chicago White Sox play a 22 inning game lasting 6 hours and 38 minutes, ending at 2:43 am, after which the American League adopts a rule stating that no inning may begin after 1 am.

June 12, 1997The first interleague game in Major League Baseball history is played between the San Francisco Giants and the Texas Rangers.

~ baseballrebecca


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