What’s Your Walk-up Song?

“… the walk-up song is also an essential part of a player’s brand and, along with this batting stance, a chance for personal expression. Thus, the music played when a home players walks to the plate can be an explanation of self, audition for support, anticipation of the moment, exhibition of beats, proclamation of faith or fodder for pranks.” ~ Joe Lemire, Sports Illustrated

Lately I’ve been contemplating the sociology of the walk-up song.  I have to admit, I tried to identify the Orioles’ walk-up songs when I was at Camden Yards a few weeks ago, but couldn’t quite figure them out.  Fortunately, other writers and bloggers have that covered.  With just a little Google-ing I found out some of the walk-up songs for the Orioles, the Reds, and the Red Sox.

I’m not sure when I first recognized the fact that there were walk-up songs.  And no one really knows when the tradition started, though some say it was made popular by the movie, Major League (in which Charlie Sheen’s character made his way to the mound to the song, “Wild Thing”).  Yet clearly there are sociological and psychological impacts of one’s walk-up song choice.  The song a player selects represents who he is, or at least helps psych him up for his job.  Choosing the right song is essential.  Some players, like Troy Tulowitzki of the Colorado Rockies, even turn to their fans for suggestions. 

Many of us go through life imagining our theme music playing in the background.  If I had a walk-up song, it would be “She’s a Rebel,” by Green Day, or maybe “The Last of the American Girls.”  What’s your walk-up song?  And what does it say about you?

~ baseballrebecca


6 thoughts on “What’s Your Walk-up Song?

  1. Love this idea… mine would have to be “Right Field” by Peter, Paul, and Mary. I would love it if one of the major leaguers had the gall to try it. It would say that I’m inept, but not too full of myself. It’s hard to be arrogant when you’re not that good.

    That, or the theme song to “When it Was a Game.” Love that song.

    If I ever figure out how to get a ringtone off of youtube, When it Was a Game would be playing all the time.


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