Finally Over .500

Minute Maid ParkLast night I reached a major milestone.  I have now seen a game at 16 Major League Baseball stadiums – meaning I’m more than halfway toward reaching my goal of seeing a game at every MLB ballpark. My most recent accomplishment:  seeing a game at Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas.  All I need now are the ballparks of the Yankees, Mets, Rays, Tigers, White Sox, Twins, Rangers, Mariners, Braves, Brewers, Cardinals, Reds, Giants, and Padres.

Of course, if they’d stop building new stadiums, my record would be at 18.  But San Francisco and Seattle decided to build new stadiums after I’d already been there.  In fact, my record is actually better than would appear, since I’ve seen games at other stadiums that no longer exist, such as my beloved Memorial Stadium and Cleveland Municipal Stadium.  Fortunately, a few old stadiums are still standing, so I have been able to at least see the Astrodome and Montreal’s Olympic Stadium, though, sadly, I will never see games played at those stadiums.

When I mention my goal to see every MLB ballpark, some people look at me oddly, or say, “well, that’s a different kind of goal.”  I do have other goals. But I have to admit this one is probably a little realistic for me than the others, like saving the world or losing 30 pounds.   Sometimes you just have to go with what you’re good at.

~ baseballrebecca


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