Bobble Quest, Part 3

It figures that Jayson Werth would hit a home run that drove in all three runs of the Nationals win against the Mets last night.  On Jayson Werth  bobblehead night.  The one Jayson Werth bobblehead night that I was likely to actually get a Jayson Werth bobblehead haLife-sized bobblehead at Ed Smith Stadium, Sarasota, FLd I chosen to go.  However, I decided it was more important to stay home and root for my first love, the Baltimore Orioles.

Little good that did.  The Orioles played a double header against the Yankees in New York on Saturday.  This is rarely a good thing.  On Friday night, my beloved team beat the Yankees 4-2 with Jeremy Guthrie pitching a beautiful game, as usual.  Naturally, this raised my hopes for an exciting Saturday double header.  That and the second heat wave in D.C., helped me decide in favor of staying inside with my newly-repaired air conditioner and watching more than 6 hours of baseball on Saturday, rather than trekking out to complete the futile Jayson Werth bobble quest.

I knew it would be a tough day for the Orioles with two pitchers being called back up to the O’s after spending time in AAA-Norfolk and AA-Bowie.  Chris Tillman had a semi-respectable loss in game 1 of the double header.  Zach Britton, who I last saw pitching on another Jayson Werth bobblehead night (in Bowie), did not fare as well.  (Coincidence?  I think not!)  Of course he looked good as he struck out Derek Jeter to begin the game.  But the next nine batters ended up on the bases – all of the bases.  The 17-3 loss to the Yankees wasn’t completely Britton’s fault.  After all, in that 1/3 of an inning that he pitched he only gave up 9 runs – and only 6 of those were earned!

A disappointing day for O’s fans, a good day for Jayson Werth fans.  They will forever look at their bobbleheads and remember the win.  Whenever I even hear the name Jayson Werth I will remember my failed bobble quest and the Orioles 17-3 loss against the dreaded Yankees.  But I still love my team.

Nonetheless, my bobble quest will continue.  I already have my tickets for Ian Desmond bobblehead night at the Potomac Nationals and Danny Espinoza bobblehead night at the Nats.  Looks like I’ll have to go to Brian Matusz bobblehead night at the Baysox as well.  I need all the Orioles bobbleheads I can get!

To be continued…

~ baseballrebecca


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