This Week in Baseball History

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July 31:  Municipal Stadium opens in Cleveland, OH (1932); Brooks Robinson is inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame (1983).

Willie McCoveyAugust 1:  Willie McCovey of the San Francisco Giants hits his 18th career grand slam, a record still standing in the National League (1977); Hank Aaron (1982), Frank Robinson (1982), and Reggie Jackson (1993) are inducted into the Hall of Fame; Cal Ripken, Jr., becomes only the second player to play 2,000 straight games (1994).

August 2:  19-year old pitcher Walter Johnson makes his major league debut and gives up his first hit, a single to Ty Cobb (1907); the jury in the “Black Sox” trial returns a not-guilty verdict (1921); Willie McCovey hits his first career home run (1959); Thurman Munson dies attempting to land his Cessna in Canton, OH (1979).

August 3:  Satchel Paige makes his first major league start going seven innings in a win against the Washington Senators (1948); Willie McCovey is inducted into the Hall of Fame (1986).

August 4:  John Stephenson and Ron Swoboda become the first New York Mets in franchise history to pinch-hit home runs in the same game at Shea Stadium (1966); Maury Wills becomes the third black manager in MLB history when the Seattle Mariners fire manager Darrell Johnson and replace him with Wills (1980); Earl Weaver is inducted into the Hall of Fame (1996).

August 5:  A baseball game is broadcast on radio for the first time when KDKA in Pittsburgh broadcasts a game between the Phillies and the Pirates (1921); Willie Stargell is the first to hit a home run out of Dodger Stadium (1969); Willie Mays (1979) and Jim Palmer (1990) are inducted into the Hall of Fame.

August 6:  The National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues is formed to help the minor leagues protect their interests (1901); at age 47, Satchel Paige becomes the oldest player in MLB history to pitch a complete game (1952); Ted Williams plays his first game with the Red Sox after returning from military duty in Korea (1953); Hank Aaron hits his 660th and 661st home runs to break Babe Ruth’s record for the most home runs with one club (1972); Roberto Clemente and Warren Spahn are inducted into the Hall of Fame (1973).


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