This Week in Baseball History

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Satchel Paige

August 7:  The first night game was played at Red Wing Stadium in Rochester, NY (1933); the largest crowd in minor league history (57,713) turns out to see 51-year old Satchel Paige of the Miami Marlins pitch against the Columbus Jets in an International League game played at the Orange Bowl in Miami, FL (1956).

August 8:  The New York Yankees sign a 30-year lease to play at Yankee Stadium (1972); a new Major League Baseball basic agreements allows the National League to expand to 14 teams (1985); the first scheduled night game at Wrigley Field was rained out after 3½ innings (1988).

August 9:  The Chicago Cubs play their first-ever night game at Wrigley Field (1988).

August 10:  Mickey Mantle becomes the first player to clear the centerfield hedge at Memorial Stadium in Baltimore when he hits a 46-foot home run (1957); the Society for American Baseball Research is formed (1971).

August 11:  Babe Ruth hits is 500th home run (1929); Luke Easter makes his MLB debut with the Cleveland Indians (1949); Warren Spahn records his 300th career win (1961).

August 12: A demonstration game of baseball is played at the Berlin Olympics to the largest crowd ever to see a baseball game – between 90,000 and 125,000 spectators (1936); Curt Flood loses his antitrust suit against MLB when Federal Judge Irving Ben Cooper upholds the legality of the sport’s reserve clause (1970).

August 13:  The most evenly matched game ever played features Pittsburgh and Brooklyn each having eight runs, thirteen hits, 38 at bats, five strikeouts, three walks, one hit batter, one passed ball, thirteen assists, 27 putouts, and two errors, with each team using two pitchers (1910); Bert Campaneris pitches both right-handed and left-handed in two innings of relief for the Daytona Beach Islanders (1962).



3 thoughts on “This Week in Baseball History

  1. Where may I purchase an 8 x10 color reproduction of the Satchel Paige photo which appeared in your Aust 11, 2011 article? It appears to be the only known color photo of Satchel in his original MLB St. Louis Browns uniform. I would also like to locate a color photo inhis earlier Cleveland Indians uniform . Thank you.


  2. Thank you Rebecca. I went online and researched the photo. It appears I may be able to purchase a reproduction. However the instructions to do so are not that well articulated. I will call the Library of Congress at 202-707-6394 and seek assistance.


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