The Strasburg Effect?

Earlier this week I was feeling like I wasn’t a very good fan because I had no idea that Stephen Strasburg was appearing in his first rehab assignment since coming back from Tommy John surgery.  I had no idea he was going to pitch in Stephen Strasburg's MLB debut, 2010Hagerstown, which is about two hours from my house.  In fact, I didn’t find out about Sunday’s game until I saw the front page of the Washington Post on Monday morning, which read:  “Strasmas in August.”  I thought to myself:  I should have known about this.  I should have been there!  

I contemplated counting out five days and figuring out when and where his next start would be, but it seemed like too much math.  Besides, he’d probably be somewhere impossible to get to, so I just abandoned the idea and went on with my dreary, decidedly non-baseball daily routine, continuing to lament the fact that I wasn’t a good enough fan.  I perked up a little when my cousin reminded me about our plans to go to the Potomac Nationals this Friday.  We’d made the plans long ago after my first failed attempt to get a Jayson Werth bobblehead.  Friday is Ian Desmond bobblehead night at the P-Nats.  At least I’d get my bobblehead.

Then again, maybe not.  Today I got an interesting text:  Strasburg is pitching tomorrow at the P-Nats!!!!  I read it twice, then hopped online to verify it.  Sure enough, the local paper was predicting:  “9,000 Expected for Strasburg Game.”  A Washington radio station reported that the game is sold out. 

The gates open at 5:00 for the 7:03 game.  Its going to be like that second failed attempt at getting a Jayson Werth bobblehead where there were a lot of extra fans there to see Bryce Harper of the visiting Harrisburg Senators.  In fact, it could be worse.  The P-Nats stadium holds 6,000 people – not 9,000.  Around 6,000 people showed up for that game in Hagerstown where the stadium only holds 4,600 folks. 

I’m psyched to see Stephen Strasburg – but I’m not convinced I’m going to get my Ian Desmond bobblehead. 

~ baseballrebecca


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