Bobble Quest, Part 4

Strasburg pitching for Potomac, 8/12/2011My bobble quest is not going very well this year.   This time I blame Stephen Strasburg!   Ok, so maybe it wasn’t completely Strasburg’s fault, but Strasburg Mania at the Potomac Nationals effectively made it impossible for me for me to get the latest bobblehead in my quest.  Last night was Ian Desmond bobblehead night at the P-Nats.  The game was sold out due to the fact that Strasburg would be doing a rehab stint there.  The gates opened at 5 p.m., two hours before game time.  We got there around 5:15.  Too late, once again.

Of course, I had a feeling this would happen.  Strasburg Mania is sweeping the nation – or at least the D.C. area.  First in Hagerstown, MD, where he pitched an inning and a half for the Hagerstown Suns, then in Woodbridge, VA, where he pitched 3 innings last night.  Thousands of fans attended the games, completely selling out both stadiums.  The San Francisco Chronicle says its good for business.  I say, its bad for my bobblehead collection. 

Abner Doubleday bobbleheadActually, I didn’t go home completely bobble-less.  My aunt, who got the tickets for us, also managed to get a bobblehead for me from an earlier game:  Abner Doubleday.  He was a giveaway to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War’s Battle of Bull Run, which took place near Manassas,VA.  At least good old Ab will keep my Nolan Reimold bobblehead company until I make room for him on the shelf with my Cal Ripken bobblehead.

Don’t get me wrong — it was cool seeing Strasburg up close at a minor league park.  But it would have been even cooler to see Strasburg and go home with an Ian Desmond bobblehead.

  ~ baseballrebecca

Game at Potomac, August 12, 2011


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