Desperately Seeking Strasburg

Strasburg at the P-Nats, 8/12/11Strasburg Watch continues in the D.C. area.  He last pitched in Hagerstown Wednesday night.  Apparently, it wasn’t pretty.  He gave up 5 runs in 1 and 2/3 innings (some might call that karma for the bobblehead incident).  Of course, that’s the purpose of rehab, so the Nationals aren’t worried; therefore, neither are we.

The D.C. area is breathlessly awaiting Strasburg’s return.  We’re giddy with excitement.  Will he be the same after his rehab?  Will he be back in September?  Will he lead us to the playoffs and fulfill our life-long dreams of bringing home a pennant?  Seems like a lot to expect from a 23-year old.  Then again, we’re pretty gaga over Bryce Harper, too, and he’s only 18 (and possibly out for the rest of the season with a hamstring injury). 

The exciting news yesterday was that Strasburg will make his next rehab start at single-A Hagerstown.  If that goes well, he could start with Nationals’ AAA affiliate in Syracuse after that.  And then – drum roll please – Washington!  (Of course, no one is mentioning the fact that the Nats are still under .500 – not even Strasburg can save this season.)

An entire city waits with bated breath.

~ baseballrebecca


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