Happy Birthday, Cal!

Cal Ripken, Jr., 2007 (photo by Keith Allison, via wikimedia)Today is Cal Ripken, Jr.’s birthday.  We’re very loyal to our team in Baltimore, and perhaps no player is more beloved than Cal Ripken, Jr.  Born in Havre de Grace, MD, on August 24, 1960, Cal will forever be our hometown hero.  No one messes with Cal.

Cal may have retired from baseball 10 years ago, but his impact on the game is still felt.  Here are just a few of his latest accomplishments:

  • Cal recently hosted Japanese students at his Ripken Youth Baseball Academy as part of an international exchange program sponsored by the Cal Ripken World Series, the Little League World Series, Ripken Baseball, and the State Department.  In fact, Cal will be visiting Japan this fall as part of his duties as a State Department envoy.
  • He got our hopes up a couple weeks ago when he said he had an “itch” to return to baseball.  Even actor Edward Norton tweeted that it was time for Cal to save the Orioles.
  • Earlier this month, Cal and brother Bill managed a team in the Under-Armor All-American game at Wrigley Field.  Playing first base during the game: 18-year old Ryan Ripken.
  • Of course, earlier this year, Cal’s new young adult book, Hothead, was released – and baseballrebecca got to meet him!
  • And if you want to hear more from the Legend himself, he recently did an online chat for the Washington Post.                                                                      

Happy birthday, Cal!  And for the rest of us—let’s have Cal Ripken kind of a day!

~ baseballrebecca



2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Cal!

  1. Happy day for Rip….but, also, a sad one upon hearing about the death of Flannigan……Not quite sure you are old enough to remember him…..Good picture back in the 70s…went 23-9 the year they lost to the Pirates in seven at the World Series.


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