This Week in Baseball History

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Warehouse at Camden Yards when Cal breaks the record (courtesy of wikipedia)September 5:  “The Star Spangled Banner,” though not yet the national anthem, is played during the seventh inning stretch during the World Series, which becomes a tradition (1918); Walter Johnson gets his 2,287th strikeout, breaking Cy Young’s record (1921); Cal Ripken, Jr., ties Lou Gehrig’s record of 2,130 consecutive games (1995); Mark McGwire becomes the third player to hit sixty home runs in a single season (1998); Vladimir Guerrero gets his 500th RBI (2001).  Birthdays:  Bill Mazeroski (1936) and Candy Maldonado (1960).

September 6:  The Indianapolis Hoosiers attempts its second night game, but the natural gas lighting proves inadequate (1888); for the first time in MLB history, three Canadian-born players were in the starting lineup of a major league team – the Expos’ Denis Boucher, Joe Siddel, and Larry Walker (1993); Fernando Valenzuela ties the National League record of seven shutouts by a rookie pitcher (1981); Cal Ripken, Jr., plays his 2,131st consecutive game, breaking Lou Gehrig’s record (1995); Eddie Murray hits his 500th career home run (1996).

September 7:  Eddie Collins steals six bases setting a 20th century record, a feat he will repeat on September 22 (1912); the White Sox use a record 41 players in a double header with Oakland, losing both games (1970); Dwight Gooden strikes out his 228th batter of the season, setting a National League record for a rookie (1984).

September 8:  The Polo Grounds is leased by the National Association’s Metropolitan team, and will be converted into the first commercial baseball park in Manhattan (1880); Bob Feller becomes the youngest 20th century player to win 20 games (1939); Bart Giammatti is unanimously elected as the seventh commissioner of baseball (1988).

September 9:  Rex Barney, future announcer for the Baltimore Orioles, pitches a no-hitter against the New York Giants at the Polo Grounds (1948); Tigers’ rookies Lou Whitaker and Alan Trammel make their major league debuts (1977); the Baltimore Orioles record the first triple play ever against the Toronto Blue Jays (1978); Robin Yount gets his 3,000th career hit, becoming only the 17th player to do so (1992); MLB expands its postseason and increases the number of divisions (1993). 

September 10: New York Giants’ pitcher Mickey Welch becomes the first pinch hitter in MLB history (1889); Deion Sanders becomes the first player to hit a home run and score an NFL touchdown in the same week (1989).  Birthdays:  Roger Maris (1934), Randy Johnson (1963), and Denys Baez (1977).

September 11:  The first baseball game with professional women players takes place in Springfield, IL (1875); Connie Mack makes his MLB debut with Washington (1886); the National Association of minor league clubs signs the National Agreement, which brings professional baseball under one set of comprehensive rules (1903); the New York Yankees play their last game at the Polo Grounds (1922); Frank Robinson hits his 38th home run of the year, tying the record for most home runs by a rookie (1956); Pete Rose hits his 4,192nd career home run, breaking Ty Cobb’s record on the 57th anniversary of Ty Cobb’s last major league game (1985).




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