This Week in Baseball History

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October 10:  The Washington Senators won their only championship by defeating the Giants 4-3 in 12 innings (1924).

October 11: ThBrooks Robinsone first MVPs are announced and Ty Cobb and Frank Schulte win the AL and NL MVPs, respectively, the first ever MVPs awarded (1911); Brooks Robinson reaches base five straight times (3 hits, 2 walks), tying a World Series record (1971); Baltimore Mike Mussina sets a league championship series record with 15 strikeouts.

October 12:  1963 – The first (and last) Hispanic American major league all-star game is played at the Polo Grounds (1963); Paul Molitor becomes the first player to get five in a single World Series game (1982); the San Diego pitching staff tie a World Series record when they allow 11 walks in one game (1984); Livan Hernandez ties Mussina’s LCS record of 15 strikeouts in an LCS game (1997). 

October 13:  The Boston Pilgrims win the first World Series game ever played (1093); the Boston Braves complete the first World Series sweep (1914); the first World Series night game in played in Pittsburgh (with Roberto Clemente getting three hits) (1971); the New York Yankees set a record by advancing to the World Series for the 35th time (1988).

October 14:  The small crowd in World Series History, 6,210, attend the final game of the Tigers-Cubs series, in which the Cubs win in 5 games (1908); a Tigers’ win sends the World Series to its first-even 7th game (1909); the NL expansion draft is held for the Expos and Padres (1968); Game Two of the World Series between the Mets and the A’s features the last major league hit by Willie Mays (1973).

October 15:  The AL expansion draft is held for the Royals and the Seattle Pilots (1968); the Orioles win the World Series in five games against the Reds with Brooks Robinson winning the series MVP (1970).  It’s also Jim Palmer’s birthday (1945).

October 16:  The Orioles win the World Series (1983).


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