This Week in Baseball History

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October 17:  The National League awards franchises to New York and Houston (1960); an earthquake hits the San Francisco Bay area postponing game 3 of the World Series between Oakland and San Francisco (1989); the Atlanta Braves beat St. Louis 15-0 in game 7 of the NLCS, the biggest blowout in postseason history (1996).

October 18:  At age 87, Connie Mack retires as manager of the Philadelphia Athletics after 50 years (1950); at age 65, Casey Stengel is force to retire as manager of the New York Yankees (1960); the American League approves the Athletics’ move to Oakland from Kansas City (1967); the first-ever World Series game is played in Florida with the Marlins and P Livan Hernandez winning game 1 (1997).

October 19:  The Giants and White Sox, with players from other teams, start a world tour in Cincinnati which will also take them to the Philippines, Australia, China, and Japan (1913); for the fifth time, Billy Martin is named manager of the Juan MarichalNew York Yankees, replacing Lou Piniella (who had replaced Martin) (1987).

October 20:  Bob Kennedy is named the first manager of theOakland A’s (1967).  Birthdays:  Mickey Mantle (1931) and Juan Marichal (1937). 

October 21:  The Milwaukee Braves Board of Directors votes to request permission to move the team to Atlanta, and Milwaukee County officials sue to block the move (1964); the Phillies win the World Series for the first time in their 98-year history (1980).  Birthday:  White Ford (1928).

October 22:  Joe DiMaggio is hired as executive vice president of the Oakland Athletics (1967); the Oakland A’s win their first World Series (1972); the first-ever World Series game isJackie Robinson played in Atlanta (1991); the coldest game in World Series history is played in Cleveland with a game-time temperature of 38 degrees (1997); Larry Walker wins the Colorado Rockies’ first Gold Glove Award (1997).  Birthdays:  Jimmie Fox (1907) and Ichiro Suzuki (1973). 

October 23:  Jackie Robinson signs a contract to play for the Montreal Royals, a minor league affiliate of the Brooklyn Dodgers (1945). 



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