This Week in Baseball History

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Louis SockalexisOctober 24:  Greg Maddux becomes the first pitcher to win three Cy Young awards in a row (1994); the first-even World Series game is played at Jacobs Field with Eddie Murray hitting RBI in the bottom of the 11th to give the Indians a win (1995); the last game is played at Atlanta’s Fulton County Stadium (1996).  Birthday:  Louis Sockalexis (1871).

October 25:  Gaylord Perry becomes the first pitcher to win the Cy Young Award in both leagues (1978); the Minnesota Twins with their first World Series (1987). Birthdays:  Bobby Thomson (1923) and Pedro Martinez (1971).

October 26:  Sparky Lyle becomes the first AL reliever to win the Cy Young Award (1977); Canada’s Baseball Hall of Fame opens in Toronto (1982); Steve Carlton becomes the first pitcher to win four Cy Young awards (1982); the New York Mets announced they have signed Mike Piazza to a 7-year, $91 million contract – the highest contract in baseball history at the time (1998).  Birthdays:  Toby Harrah (1948) and Mike Hargrove (1949).

October 27:  The American League admits Los Angeles and Washington to the league (1960); Sparky Anderson is dismissed as manager of the Cincinnati Reds (1978); after a 10-day delay because of the San Francisco earthquake, the World Series resumes (1989); a law is passed overturning part of baseball’s antitrust exemption (1998).

October 28:  Construction begins on Candlestick Park in San Francisco (1958); construction begins on Shea Stadium (1961).  Birthday:  Bob Melvin (1961).

October 29:  Willie Mays severs ties to Major League Baseball, signing a contract with the Bally Corporation in Atlantic City, NJ (1979).

October 30:  The White Sox announce they will play nine games in Milwaukee in 1986, becoming the first American League team to play regular season games in another city since 1905 (1967).


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