Confessions of a Yankee Hater, Part I

An Easter tradition in my family is to watch baseball (the Baltimore Orioles, of course!) on my brother-in-law’s gargantuan television.  This year, we delighted in the O’s third win of the season and their 3-0 record.  When that game was over, John switched the channel to the Yankees-Rays game.  Again, the entire family was delighted to see another team win its third game of the season.  Especially at the expense of the Yankees.  In fact, it didn’t matter who the winning team was.

What was important was that the Yankees were 0-3.  (Of course, they got even when the came to Baltimore the very next day.  But that only adds to the average O’s fan’s dislike of them.)

As much as I enjoyed one of those rare moments when the family comes together in agreement on something, I also thought of my BBFF (uh, best baseball friend forever?  duh!).  The one person I know that is allowed to be a Yankees fan.  Being born and raised in New York, its his birthright to be a Yankees fan.  Afterall, they have to have some fans.

That got me thinking about my socialization as a Yankee-hater.  Where did it come from?  Was it fair to the Yankees?  Was it fair to baseball?  Was I being closed-minded?  Over the next few days, we’ll explore this topic in an attempt to answer the questions:  (1) Is it possible to overcome one’s early baseball socialization? (2) Is it possible to love, like, or maybe just hate less, the Yankees? (3) And perhaps most importantly – would I want to?

Stay tuned!

~ baseballrebecca


9 thoughts on “Confessions of a Yankee Hater, Part I

  1. I don’t have any answers to your questions other than the world can be divided into two types of people; rooties and cosmosies. That’s how I divide us humans anyway. The rooties live and die by their home teams and despise the opponent in a non violent way. The cosmosies are everybody else and they say things lie, “oh, i don’t have a favorite team. I just like baseball.” I prefer the rooties.


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