Confessions of a Yankee Hater, Part III

My goal this week has been to determine if my socialization as a Yankee Hater has negatively influenced me.  So, I ask:  is there anything redeeming about the New York Yankees?

I have to admit, I always kind of liked Bernie Williams. That’s because I saw him rise up through the ranks – first in Single A with the Prince William Cannons in the late ‘80s, then at Triple A with the Columbus Clippers in the early ‘90’s. He’s the one Yankee I never minded seeing when New York came to town. (I just didn’t dare tell my dad!) Even today, I would love to see him in concert.

Then there’s Yogi Berra. I mean, who doesn’t love Yogi? Yogi was on those Yankees teams that beat up on the Cleveland Indians. But that was way before my time. I’ve always known him as a lovable, quotable character who’s doing good for his community.

Well, there’s my list. Two good things about the New York Yankees. So far.  Who can add to my list and help me hate the Yankees a little less?

To be continued …

~ baseballrebecca


3 thoughts on “Confessions of a Yankee Hater, Part III

  1. Along the lines of Bernie Williams, there’s a few other players drafted and developed by the Yankees. I always tip my hat to them; Jorge Posada, Mariano Rivera, and even Jeter. Then there’s that movie “Bang the Drum Slowly” and that ESPN 30 30 special on George Steinbrenner which is a little over dramatic, but to be expected when discussing the Yankees.


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