The Yankees are … Human

It seems like there’s always something to complain about when it comes to the New York Yankees. But when Mariano Rivera got hurt during batting practice yesterday, we got to see a completely different side of the Yankees.  They’re more than just the World Series winning, Orioles-beating, multi-millionaires that we love to hate.  They are, in fact, human:

(Click on the photo above to watch the video.  If the link does not work with your browser, watch the video at

Did you catch A-Rod’s reaction?  What about the footage of Girardi running out to check on his star closer?  Real concern.  Real people.  In fact, check out the New York Post article on the team’s reaction to Rivera’s injury.

This morning, Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun, told Orioles fans in his blog not to celebrate Rivera’s injury.  Are you kidding me?  Was that really necessary?  Has the fan rivalry gone that far that we’d actually be happy about this?  I seriously don’t think any of us wish pain on our rivals.  I have enough faith in baseball fans and in society to think that it wouldn’t come to that.

Sure, next time we lose to the Yankees, we won’t be happy about it.  But that doesn’t mean we want to see them hurt.  And at least now we realize that the Yankees – and their fans – are people too, with real feelings and the ability to care about one another.

Get well soon, Mr. Rivera.  We look forward to your return!

~ baseballrebecca


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