Vote Early, Vote Often

I just finished submitting my 25 votes for the MLB All-Star Game.  Gotta love the democratic process!  I still have more chances to vote:  I can probably figure out how to vote on my cell phone, perhaps I can use a different computer or another of my many email addresses, and, of course, I can go to the ballpark.  (Looks like you can even vote at some Lowe’s stores and Chevy dealerships.  In Puerto Rico, you can also vote at select Wal-Marts, Amigo stores, and Banco BHD branches.)

Of course, I varied my 25 votes – I did not only vote for the Orioles and the Nationals.  (OK, I only voted for the Orioles, but I mixed it up a little for the National League.)  I even wrote-in a player.  I mean, you have to vote for the guys you last saw in Double-A.

The All-Star game voting process is criticized pretty much every year.  But its all in good fun, and we don’t do a bad job at selecting the team.  Last year 32.5 million ballots were cast.  (Yet only one Oriole made the team?)

Happy voting!

~ baseballrebecca


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