Are You Ready to Swoon?

Ah, June!  We’ve been discussing it a lot lately at work after the recent decline of the Orioles and Nationals.  Every year we worry about the June swoon, try to predict when it will begin, or just plain come to expect it.  A brief survey of recent baseball articles provides some amazing insight into the hearts and minds of baseball fans as we approach the beginning of summer:

  • Yesterday, after the Blue Jays had swept the Orioles over the three previous days, the Toronto Sun worried that the Blue Jays will succumb to the June swoon, as they have in the past. 
  • Earlier this week, a Palm Beach Post blogger lamented the Marlins’ 2011 June swoon – apparently just to remind us that it can happen again.
  • WBAL in Baltimore didn’t even analyze the Orioles’ potential for a June swoon.  After merely reporting on the May 30 game, apparently they think the title of their story tells it all:  “O’s start June swoon in May.” Hey – where’s the enthusiastic support for our team?

I think this guy’s perspective on the Mets pretty much sums up the cautious optimism – laced with cynicism and despair – of many baseball fans (just replace the word Mets with the name of your team and you’re good to go): “If the Mets somehow escape June with an above .500 record, can you imagine the exhilaration, the breathless anticipation of the pained and abused Met fan as he contemplates an underdog playoff race?”

Fortunately, most teams had May 31st off to prepare for this month.  Swoon or not, here comes June!   I hope it’s a good one…

~ baseballrebecca


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