A Week in the Life of a Baseball Fan

It’s been a roller coaster of a week in baseball.  With Kent State’s surprising run in the College World Series, I had to focus on yet another team.  So I had to carefully plan out my week:   

  • Monday: Nats off-day, watch O’s v. Mets while simultaneously keeping an eye on Kent State v. 1st place U. of Florida.  (Note to self: try to figure out how the CWS works.  Lose twice and you’re out?  How fair is that?)
  • Tuesday:  Alternate between Nats v. Rays and O’s v. Mets on TV (note to self:  I really need a TV room with more than one TV), while vaguely keeping an eye on the CWS because my nieces go to FSU, but I still don’t understand how so many teams are in a world series.
  • Wednesday:  KENT STATE v. #2 SOUTH CAROLINA in the elimination game (still don’t get why you only get two shots and they you’re done), while keeping an eye on O’s v. Mets.  Nats are on their own tonight – I just don’t have the time.
  • Thursday:  Hopefully watch Kent v. someone in the next game of the CWS.  Fortunately the O’s have the night off.  Will no longer have the energy to pay attention to the Nats.
  • Friday:  Go to Baysox game because I haven’t been since Opening Day and June is almost over, and I need to pick up my Birdland Passport and get working on getting to games; keep an eye on the Nats at the O’s (go O’s!); and hopefully keep up with whatever the CWS schedule is because it makes no sense to me.
  • Saturday:  Catch up on some much needed rest, go to the O’s v. Nats (go O’s!), and maybe something will make sense with the CWS.

 Phew!  It was an ambitious plan, but, unfortunately, it didn’t quite work out that way:

  • Monday:  Exhausted from work, went to kickboxing, caught the end of the Kent State game (yay! The Golden Flashes beat #1 UF to advance in the CWS!) (Which I still don’t understand.)  O’s lose to Mets in a 1-hit shutout. Seriously???
  • Tuesday:  Even more exhausted, but buoyed by a miraculous Kent State win.  Tried to simultaneously watch Nats and O’s.  O’s lose again.  Come on!
  • Wednesday:  Excited all day for the Kent State v. South Carolina “double elimination round” – whatever that really means.  Hurried home from gym, relieved to see game in rain delay so I haven’t missed anything.  Watched the O’s game while switching back to see if Kent game has started. Kent game rained out.  O’s lose.  Again.  To the Mets.  What a hugely disappointing day. 
  • Thursday:  Have to figure out how to be at a meeting at work while simultaneously keeping up with what’s going on in the noon CWS game between Kent and South Carolina.  Yay!  Meeting moved up to 9:30!  Meeting exhausting, but at least I can spend my lunch hour watching the game on my computer.  Found the ESPNU Score Center online, set it to refresh every 30 seconds.  Wait.  That’s annoying.  Every 60 seconds.  Kent takes early lead.  But then they seem to fall apart.  Can’t.  Hold.  On. Kent loses.  Double elimination.  They’re done for the year.  Must.  Stay.  Awake.  Rest.  Of.  Day.
  • Friday:  So exhausted I can barely stay awake at work.  Need to get to Baysox game.  Serious storm cloud hanging directly over Prince George’s Stadium.  Maybe next time.  Must.  Get.  Sleep.  Decided to watch O’s game.  It’s a close one.  Fall asleep somewhere in the 8th inning, with the O’s leading 2-1.  With the last out, the TV announcer gets very excited.  Wakes me up.  Yay O’s!  Fell back asleep.
  • Saturday:  Got much needed sleep, woke up around 11:30.  O’s v. Nats tonight!  Need to get there at least by 5:30 for free T-shirt.  I love free stuff!  Traffic.  More traffic.  We still get there by 6:15ish, but T-shirts are all gone.  Disappointed.  Crazy crowded at the ballpark.  Great seats!  Adam Jones HR!  But the O’s still lose 3-1. 

And I have more planned for this week!  Road trip to the Delmarva Shorebirds!!! 

~ baseballrebecca


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