Teaching Baseball

Believe it or not, there are actually some people out there who don’t love baseball.  Weird, right?  I mean it’s the national pastime!  Aren’t there laws about that?

Don’t get me wrong – its always an honor to take some one to their first ballgame and teach them the game (and I seem to do that a lot).  Just this past week, I took my niece to a Bowie Baysox game.  We’ve been to other games together in the past, including our family outing to see the Miami Marlins in June.  I truly enjoyed answering her questions about the game and, of course, the sociological implications of baseball, but she said that two games in one summer was the most she’d ever been to.

Clearly I need to hang out with this girl more.

Or maybe we just need more baseball education.  There are a few colleges and universities out there that teach baseball history.  In fact, it was a discussion at this year’s Society of American Baseball Research (SABR) National Convention.  Several folks have come up with baseball-themed lesson plans.  Here are a few I found just by Googling “Baseball in the Classroom:”

There are actually a lot of baseball-related educational materials out there – from elementary school to college levels.  In fact, there’s a great book on the subject: Baseball in the Classroom: Essays on Teaching the National Pastime, which has several examples of baseball-themed classroom materials for subjects from history to business.

Of course, I’m biased.  But I think we can learn a lot about baseball – everything from statistics to race relations, art, and, naturally, sociology.  So, take someone to a baseball game today and teach them about the national pastime, U.S. society, and maybe even statistics!

~ baseballrebecca


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