Southern Baseball, Part IV

Presidents seem to love baseball.  Thus, it’s really not unexpected that there would be a baseball exhibit at a presidential library.  A primary objective of my Southern Baseball Adventures was to see the baseball exhibit at the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum in Little Rock, Arkansas.  The Clinton Library has a special exhibit on the St. Louis Cardinals that runs through September 16. 

I must admit, in addition to wanting to see every ballpark in the country, I’ve been wanting to see every presidential library in the country.  Fortunately, there are fewer of those.  The Clinton Library was the second one I’ve been to.  The building itself is a pretty nifty structure situated near the Arkansas River.  Inside, there is an almost overwhelming number of exhibits chronicling Clinton’s 8-year presidency and the social history of the time.

But the most important thing there was, of course, the baseball exhibit.  The exhibit includes a timeline of the Cardinals’ history and World Series appearances, information on famous team members, and a wall featuring Cardinals players from Arkansas.  There was even one little picture of Brooks Robinson, in honor of his Little Rock roots. 

In addition to the Cardinals exhibit,  there were occasional mentions of baseball throughout the museum.  The Clinton era included much of the Cal Ripken era so, much to my delight, Cal’s picture was displayed a few times throughout the museum as well. 

Although the exhibit itself was merely about the St. Louis Cardinals, the sociologist in me can’t help but think about the link between sports and politics. Or the link between sports and economics, or history, or even architecture.   I mean, what better way to draw us in and teach us a little history other than having a baseball-related exhibit?

~ baseballrebecca


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