Just Wait Until Next Year!

A lot of people asked me today if I was in mourning.  I guess it was the natural question to ask on a day like today.  In fact, there seemed to be a pall hanging over the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area today as we slowly began to pick up the pieces after Friday’s devastating double-loss in the playoffs. After a stressful, yet exhilarating week of ups and downs for the Baltimore Orioles, the Washington Nationals, and their respective fans, it all came down to game 5 of the National League and American League division series on Friday.  However, our hopes were dashed as first the Orioles fell to the New York Yankees and then the Nats followed suit, losing to the St. Louis Cardinals.

Psychologist Elizabeth Kubler-Ross’ five stages of grief can be applied to Orioles and Nats fans as follows:

1.  Denial:  NO!  No, no, no, no, no!  The Orioles did NOT just lose!
2. Anger:  Stupid Yankees!  It’s all your fault!  Quit grinning and celebrating!  Don’t you know you just broke our hearts?
3. Bargaining:  Ok.  Well, the O’s lost.  We’ll feel better if the Nats win…
4. Depression:  I CAN’T BELIEVE BOTH THE O’S AND THE NATS LOST!!  Life will never be the same again!
5. Acceptance:  Eh.  Waddaya gonna do?  No one expected us to get this far anyway.

Of course, we all handle grief, just a little differently.  Some distract themselves with movies or other activities (on our way to the movies on Saturday, a friend said no one would be at Trouble with the Curve since it had gotten bad reviews.  I said, there would be a bunch of sad little O’s and Nats fans there.   I was right.)  CBS’ Bob Schieffer, apparently, recites poetry.

Life will go on in Washington.  In Baltimore, we’re already excited by the fact that Adam Jones tweeted that he’s considering moving to Baltimore.  You see, we love our team no matter what they do.

Not every city, apparently, has the same relationship with their team, at least according to an article in today’s Detroit Free PressIt appears some have given up all hope for the Yankees.  Even the Wall Street Journal likened the current Yankees’ playoff games – sans Jeter – to a funeral.

At least there’s some consolation!  Here’s to next season!

~ baseballrebecca


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