Baseball Winter Meetings

I’ve been trying to follow the Baseball Winter Meetings, but there’s almost too much information.  Media coverage runs the gamut from Forbes to Government Executive. Clearly, these meetings have a sociological impact as fans and journalists alike pay close attention to who’s signing with whom and where players are going.

This morning, recapped the player signings thus far and hinted at what could be coming up during the last days of the meetings.  Of interest to me, of course, is the Orioles wins of GIBBY awards – Buck named Manager of the Year and the O’s and Nats sharing the GIBBY for “Storyline of the Year.”  MLB also quoted O’s GM Dan Duquette as saying, “We are hopefully going to come home with a signed player by the end of the week.”  As always, getting my hopes up, but likely breaking my heart.

It was also announced yesterday that our boy Manny Machado was hospitalized recently for a bout of meningitis.  But the Orioles assure us he’s ok.  Phew!

But you probably already heard much of this.  The significance of these meetings is that collectively we follow news of the meetings as a way to fill the void between the last out of World Series and the long-awaited day in February when pitchers and catchers report.  We cringe when our players aren’t signed or – worse – get traded away.  We watch in awe as someone gets a big contract while our team gets a few prospects.  But most of all, its how we as a community of baseball fans stay connected during the long, cold off-season.

~ baseballrebecca


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