The World Baseball Classic Begins

2013 Baseball World Classic LogoRound 1 of the World Baseball Classic begins (well, technically, already began) today in Japan and Taiwan.  Next week, additional Round 1 games will be played in Puerto Rico and Arizona.  There are many differences of opinion out there about player eligibility, participation of MLB players, risk of injury, interference by MLB teams, or whatever.  But its kind of the Olympics or the World Cup of baseball – it brings together players from all over the world to represent their nations.  The WBC provides fans the opportunity to root for a specific team, country, or player.  If we wanted to wax poetically – or sociologically – we could talk about nationalism, citizenship, culture, pride, or even athleticism that the WBC demonstrates.  Each of these alone might be reasons enough to watch.

But, basically, more baseball is good for the soul.

Enjoy Round 1!

~ baseballrebecca


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