The Negro Leagues, Spring Training, and Education

Morris Brown College Baseball Team, Atlanta, GA, ca. 1900After reading that several Negro League teams conducted Spring Training in Hot Springs, Arkansas, I started doing some research on the topic – where did the each of the Negro League teams do Spring Training? Did Spring Training differ between the Negro Leagues and Major League Baseball?

I’m still hunting for information, but today I came across this interesting quote from Buck O’Neil via the Chris Murray Report:

“The Negro League Ball Player…this was an intelligent man. In the major leagues, during my tenure, one percent of major league baseball players were college men. The major leagues wanted them right out of high school. Soon as the they got of high school, they put them in the minor leagues. In the Negro Leagues, 40 percent of Negro Leaguers were college men, man. We always spring trained in Black college towns. That’s who we played in spring training. We played the college ball club. When the college season was over, they would come and play baseball in the Negro Leagues. When the season was over, they’d go back to school, go back to teaching. Oh man, that was the Negro League Ball player.”

I’ll do more research on both of these topics, but wanted to share what I’ve discovered so far.  If anyone has any additional info, let me know!

~ baseballrebecca

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