Winter Baseball

baseballandsnow_crop_340x234I’m writing this as I’m watching Game 4 of the World Series and I can’t help thinking, “what’s next?”  Even if this series goes seven games, on November 1 the 2013 baseball season will over.  It’s almost too sad to fathom.  So, as I asked a few days ago, what’s a baseball fan supposed to do?

We do have options for fall and winter baseball.  Although the Arizona Fall League will end next month (the AFL championship game will take place on November 16), there are other leagues.  Here’s the rundown of those that seem to be affiliated with Major League Baseball:

  • The Venezuela Winter League began play on October 10 and their season ends on December 29.  The Mexican Pacific League started a day later and ends a day later (October 11 through December 30).
  • The Dominican Winter League began October 19, and runs through December 22.
  • The Australian Baseball League begins play this Thursday, October 26; their regular season ends on January 26.
  • The Puerto Rico League games run from November 1 to December 30.

As with the Arizona Fall League, the MLB website is a little confusing.  In addition, there is also European baseball – and when do they play baseball in Japan?  Obviously, I have many questions.  So, over the next few days I’ll try to get and understanding of – and share that understanding – of these leagues and figure out what we can do to entertain ourselves over the next five months.

~ baseballrebecca