2014 Baseball Resolutions

Fireworks at Angel Stadium, Anaheim, CAIt’s that time again for making resolutions.  In fact, Sports On Earth has already published their New Year’s resolutions for every Major League Baseball team.  As we await more 2014 resolutions for MLB teams, such as Sports Illustrated’s resolutions for American and National League teams, or Jose Canseco’s 2014 personal resolutions, how about coming up with our own baseball resolutions? I’ve listed a few of mine below; feel free to add some of yours in the comments section.  Happy New Year!

~ baseballrebecca

Baseballrebecca’s 2014 Baseball Resolutions

  1. Attend more Bowie Baysox games (afterall, they are my hometown team!)
  2. Attend at least one Potomac Nationals game (I neglected them in 2013)
  3. Attend at least one Baysox away game
  4. Go to Spring Training (as usual)
  5. Attend an Orioles playoff game (i.e., they’d better make it!)
  6. Go to a baseball-related museum or exhibit
  7. Finish my next baseball book
  8. Be nicer to the Yankees
  9. Keep on blogging!

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