Baseball Heritage: Part 2 (Countries of Origin and Other Groups)

japanese_sm (2)This year, major and minor league baseball teams have scheduled promotional nights to celebrate the racial and ethnic heritage of many Americans. Is your background Armenian, or do you want to learn more about Armenian Americans? If so, head out to Fresno California and catch the Fresno Grizzlies game on August 13.

Interested in Polynesian, Portuguese, Japanese, or Korean culture? The San Francisco Giants have heritage nights for those groups and many more. Or maybe you’re Slovenian or Hungarian. Then check out games in Lake County, Ohio, where the Lake County Captains have heritage nights for them.

Below is a list of Baseball Heritage Nights celebrating individuals for various countries and other cultural origins. Tomorrow I’ll post my final piece in this series, covering the remaining Baseball Heritage Nights.

~ baseballrebecca


Armenian Heritage:

8/13      Fresno Grizzlies (AAA)


Asian Heritage:

4/25      Atlanta Braves


Black or African American Heritage:

5/27      Washington Nationals

9/26      San Francisco Giants


Chinese Heritage:

4/29      San Francisco Giants


Filipino Heritage:

5/12      San Francisco Giants

8/15      San Francisco Giants

8/22      Oakland A’s


Greek Heritage:

5/3        Charleston RiverDogs (A)

5/8        Lexington Legends (A)

5/21      Wilmington Blue Rocks (A)

6/25      Frederick Keys (A)

7/22      Chicago White Sox

8/7        Charlotte Knights (AAA)


Gullah Heritage:

8/1        Charleston Riverdogs (A)


Hawaiian or Hawaiian Luau Night:

7/3        Great Lakes Loons (A)

7/18      Helena Brewers (Rookie)

8/8        San Jose Giants (A)


Hungarian Heritage:

6/6        Lake County Captains (A)


Indian Heritage:

5/17      Bradenton Marauders (A)


Japanese Heritage:

5/15      San Francisco Giants

5/29      Philadelphia Phillies

7/30      Los Angeles Dodgers

8/3        San Jose Giants (A)

8/19      Oakland A’s


Korean Heritage:

4/28      San Francisco Giants


Native American:

6/23      San Francisco Giants

7/17      Albuquerque Isotopes (AAA)

8/26      Seattle Mariners


Polish Heritage:

5/22      Charlotte Knights (AAA)

6/9        Syracuse Chiefs (AAA)

6/13      Detroit Tigers

7/1        Chicago White Sox

8/6        Wilmington Blue Rocks (A)

8/12      Buffalo Bisons (AAA)


Polynesian Heritage:

6/9        San Francisco Giants


Portuguese Heritage:

6/6        San Francisco Giants


Slovenian Heritage:

8/4   Lake County Captains (A)



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