Bobblehead strikeout

Jayson Werth bobble head

Jayson Werth bobblebeard (photo courtesy of the Potomac Nationals)

After three years, I still don’t have a Jayson Werth bobblehead. I guess I should have seen it coming. But I really thought if we got there an hour and half early, we would get one. Even if they only handed out 1,000. But too many factors intervened.  Strike 3, I’m out (of a Jayson Werth bobblehead, that is).

What I didn’t know, and didn’t think to check the website for an update, was that the previous night’s double header at the Potomac Nationals was cut short by rain. So, Saturday turned into a double header, too, with game 1 starting at 5:30 pm.   The gates didn’t open until 5 pm, but with traffic we didn’t get there until about 5:30. By then, the parking lot was pretty full, so we probably didn’t get up to the gates until closer to 5:40. And at that point, it was way too late. Rumor has it that they were all gone in 10 minutes.

Minor league teams generally only give out a handful of bobbleheads. So, I know I always need to be there at least one hour before game time. One and a half hours is usually my goal. But with traffic, the change in game time, and other things to attend to on Saturday, we just didn’t get there early enough.

This was my third attempt to get a Jayson Werth bobblehead, having tried and failed to get one in Frederick and Bowie a few years ago. And this one was cool and creepy all at the same time! (And they’re listed for $30 to $145 on ebay right now.) It’s like I wasn’t meant to have one. He’s not even my favorite Nationals player – I already have my Gio Gonzalez and Wilson Ramos bobbleheads. But its my obsession now. I must have a Jayson Werth bobblehead.

Hopefully next year someone else will have a Jayson Werth bobblehead. And I’ll be in line 2 hours early.


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