Baseball Life Imitating Baseball Art

20140701-101643.jpgYesterday, I gleefully left work an hour early to make sure I got to Nationals Park in time to get one of the 25,000 precious Bryce Harper bobbleheads. I was not going to have another Jayson Werth experience.

Of course, when I told my boss I needed to leave early and why, he merely laughed and said, “last year on Bryce Harper bobblehead day people stood in line for three hours.” After a brief moment of panic, I returned to my sense. If I can’t get one of 25,000 bobbleheads by getting to the game two hours early, there’s something wrong with this town. Still slightly worried, I got to the ballpark around 5 p.m. I immediately looked through the gates to see if I could see any bobbleheads. There were HUGE stacks of them on several tables. Of course, I couldn’t completely relax until they placed little bobbling Bryce in my hand.

The funny thing is, in the fourth inning, Bryce did an excellent impression of his own bobblehead! After hitting a single (to drive in the first run of the game), Harper hustled to second base, losing his helmet in the process:

Naturally, I wasn’t the only one who noticed life imitating art. The Washington Post put together a nice little montage to commemorate the event:  “Nationals’ Bryce Harper looks just like his bobblehead in return from DL.”


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