Bobbleheads of the Independent Leagues

Yesterday, I published my annual list of bobbleheads being given away by Major League and Minor League Baseball teams. However, MLB and MiLB aren’t the only games in town. Currently there are seven Independent Leagues in professional baseball. The more established leagues (those that have been around for at least 10 years) are the American Association, the Atlantic League, the Canadian-American League, and the Frontier League. Three leagues were founded more recently: the Pecos League (founded 2011), the Pacific Association of Professional Baseball Clubs (2013), and the newly formed Mount Rainier Professional Baseball League.

I suspect that due to their independence from Major League Baseball (and MLB’s monetary coffers), independent league teams are less likely to have the sponsorship support that teams affiliated with MLB have. Thus, the independent league teams seem to have fewer “big ticket” giveaways and promotions. However, there is a significant amount of bobbleheads and figurines up for grabs this season at independent league ballparks. Below is the list I was able to cobble together from the teams’ various website.

Of course, independent league teams, like MLB and MiLB teams, have a variety of other promotions and giveaways scheduled for this season. I’ll publish those over the next few days.

~ baseballrebecca

Date Team Bobblehead, Gnome, Figurine, Etc.
5/1 Long Island Ducks Lew Ford Bronze Figurine
5/6 Bridgeport Bluefish Mayor Bill Finch
5/29 Rockford Aviators TBA
5/30 Lancaster Barnstormers Robert Fulton
6/12 Bridgeport Bluefish Ringmaster Fred Hall
6/13 River City Rascals Todd Worrell (Bobblehead and Appearance)
6/13 So. Maryland Blue Crabs Stan Cliburn “Stomp the ‘Sharks’” Bobblehead (v. Camden Riversharks)
6/23 Winnipeg Goldeyes Ace Walker
6/24 Bridgeport Bluefish B.B. Bobblehead
7/1 Bridgeport Bluefish P.T. Barnum
7/2 Rockford Aviators TBA
7/18 Lancaster Barnstormers Jim Furyk
7/21 Kansas City T-Bones Jake Blackwood
7/31 Lancaster Barnstormers Johnny Weir
8/1 Bridgeport Bluefish Bobby Valentine
8/2 Long Island Ducks Elizabeth Hashagen
8/5 St. Paul Saints King Boreas
8/15 Rockford Aviators Western Bobblehead
8/16 Long Island Ducks Ray Navarrete
8/21 Rockford Aviators Superhero Bobblehead
8/22 Wichita Wingnuts Anthony Capra Bobble-Butt
8/26 Bridgeport Bluefish James O’Rourke
8/29 So. Maryland Blue Crabs Jeremy Owens “Duck Hunting” Bobblehead (v. L.I. Ducks)
9/9 Bridgeport Bluefish Chaz and AJ
9/13 Somerset Patriots Fan Choice Bobblehead
9/16 Bridgeport Bluefish George H.W. Bush


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