Baseball and the Cure

index Recently I posted a list of Military and Law Enforcement Appreciation Days at ballparks across the country, noting that Minor League Baseball, in particular, has taken on the task of increasing awareness of the things that are important to society. However, when we think of illness in society, the first thing we think of usually isn’t baseball – unless its “Lou Gehrig’s Disease” or ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) that comes to mind. However, baseball teams are doing a great job of raising awareness and donations for several major diseases in society. Below are just a few examples.

ALS Awareness: Of course, baseball and ALS awareness go hand-in-hand. In fact, Major League Baseball has a separate website devoted to ALS awareness. Upcoming ALS awareness nights will be held in Lowell (7/26), New Orleans (7/30), and at the Mississippi Braves (8/2). Past ALS awareness nights included: Bridgeport (5/7), the Mississippi Braves (5/29 and 7/4), New Britain (6/7), and Biloxi (7/3).

major-league-baseball-autism-awareness-thumbAutism Awareness: While Autism Awareness Month is generally observed in April, Major League Baseball keeps up awareness (and sells tickets) throughout the year. On these days, teams have giveaways, provide information on autism, and several even have “sensory friendly” seating areas for children experiencing difficulties during the game. Nearly 20 teams hosted autism awareness nights this year. Upcoming autism awareness events and minor and major league ballparks include July 12 at the Seattle Mariners, July 25 at the Lowell Spinners, July 26 at the Kansas City Royals, and August 7 at the Lakewood Blue Claws.

Anti-Bullying: In 2013, MLB officially got involved in the nationwide anti-bullying campaign, though some teams, like Detroit, have championed this cause for a while. The Detroit Tigers will host another anti-bully night this year (on August 23) as will Bridgeport (7/26). Brooklyn held theirs on June 23.

Cancer: Given the wide variety of cancer-related diseases, there are numerous cancer awareness nights scheduled at ballparks. Such events focus on prostate cancer, breast cancer, pediatric cancer, and other forms of cancer.

And Many More: Other awareness events this year focus attention on a variety of social issues, including: stroke, peanut allergies, asthma, scleroderma, crime victims, hunger, homeless, men’s health, women’s health, leukemia and lymphoma, diabetes, chiari, and heart disease, just to name a few.

Remaining awareness days are listed below:

Date Team Issue
Many dates Many teams Ed Randall’s Fans 4 the Cure Awareness Night


7/8 Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks Prostate Cancer Awareness (Bros on Broadway Prostate Cancer Awareness Night)
7/10 Toledo Breast Cancer Awareness (Pink in the Park)
7/10 Durham Breast Cancer Awareness (Swing for the Cure)
7/11 Tides Prostate Cancer Awareness (Bat 4 the Cure)
7/12 Lowell Peanut Free Game
7/15 Staten Island Prostate Cancer Awareness (Ed Randall’s Bat for the Cure)
7/17 Lowell Cancer Awareness Night
7/17 Lowell Cancer Awareness Night
7/18 San Rafael Pacifics Lung Cancer Awareness Weekend
7/19 Bridgeport Bluefish Men’s Health Awareness Night
7/19 Blue Jays Peanut/Nut Reduced Zone
7/19 St. Paul Saints Peanut Free Night
7/19 Brooklyn Relay for Life Night
7/22 Lowell Peanut Free Game
7/23 Lowell Chiari Awareness Night
7/23 Lakewood Prostate Cancer Awareness Night
7/24 Lowell March of Dimes Night
7/25 Mariners Fight Hunger Day
7/25 Mississippi Braves Salvation Army Awareness Night
7/25 Harrisburg Cancer Awareness/”Knock Cancer Out of the Park” Night
7/26 Vermont Help Fight Hunger Night
7/26 Lowell Peanut Free Night
7/30 State College Prostate Cancer Awareness Night
7/31 Staten Island Pediatric Cancer Awareness Night
8/1 Birmingham Breast Cancer Awareness Day
8/1 Williamsport Prostate Cancer Awareness (Bat 4 the Cure)
8/2 State College Breast Cancer Awareness (Paint the Park Pink Night)
8/3 Hudson Valley Prostate Cancer Awareness (“National Grab Some Nuts Day”)
8/5 Lowell Stroke Appreciation Night
8/5 Vermont Cancer Awareness Night
8/6 Mahoning Valley Strike Out Stroke Night
8/6 Mississippi Braves Breast Cancer Awareness (Pink in the Park)
8/8 Altoona Breast Cancer Awareness (Pink in the Park)
8/9 Braves Peanut Free Section
8/11 Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks Breast Cancer Awareness Night
8/14 Keys Cancer Awareness/”Knock Cancer Out of the Park” Night
8/16 Lowell Peanut Free Game
8/17 Camden Riversharks Breast Cancer Awareness
8/21 Lowell Fist Bump World Record Attempt for Cancer
8/22 Scranton Breast Cancer Awareness Night
8/23 Lowell Peanut Free Game
8/23 Nationals Peanut Free Seats
8/24 Camden Riversharks Alzheimer’s Awareness
8/25 Lowell Go Red for Women Night (Women’s Health)
8/27 Phillies Peanut Reduced Suites
8/27 Kansas City T-Bones Suicide Prevention Night
8/28 Rangers Alzheimer’s Awareness – Strikeout Alzheimer’s Weekend
8/28 Akron Hematology and Oncology Awareness Night
8/30 Blue Jays Peanut/Nut Reduced Zone
8/30 Lowell Peanut Free Game
9/1 Long Island Ducks Breast Cancer Awareness
9/4 Louisville Peanut Allergy Awareness Night
9/4 Marlins Star Wars Night benefitting Pediatric Cancer Awareness
9/5 Marlins Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Day
9/6 Lowell Peanut Free Game
9/6 A’s Breast Cancer Awareness Night
9/6 Louisville Strike Out Cancer Night
9/12 Phillies Peanut Reduced Suites
9/14 Giants Homelessness and Poverty Awareness
9/19 Nationals Peanut Free Seats
9/20 Blue Jays Peanut/Nut Reduced Zone
10/3 Braves Breast Cancer Awareness

2 thoughts on “Baseball and the Cure

  1. I think it’s a great thing that baseball is growing in its involvement. The Royals are holding a 5K race in August that I have registered to run in, for the benefit of Royals Charities. It’s an awesome opportunity to race, to run on the field as part of the course, and to help a good cause all at once.


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