11666129_10152879019102026_6668280623557902845_nTonight is #LikeAGirl Night at the Lowell Spinners! Inspired by the 2015 Always Super Bowl ad, #LikeAGirl Night seeks to “continue the campaign by Always, changing the meaning of the phrase ‘like a girl.’” (See the ad below.) Bravo, Spinners!

Several teams have held “Girls Night Out” and “Ladies Night” events. However, some of these events haven’t been met with approval. This year, after criticism from ThinkProgress.org, the Washington Nationals apparently changed their promotional materials for Ladies Night from stating “there’s no crying in baseball, but there’s plenty of wine” to “there’s no crying in baseball, even if you spill your wine.” An improvement, but not much better. A similar event held by the Atlanta Braves in May included feather boas and charm bracelets. (Apparently we have learned little from the Houston Astros’ 2013 Ladies Night debacle.)

guys_cap_500x383Of course, not to leave anyone out, at least two teams have scheduled events just for guys. In fact, if you live on the West Coast, tonight is Guys Night Out at the Seattle Mariners, where you’re invited to “Make Safeco Field your man cave.” Included in the ticket price are your first drink (wine, beer, soda, or water) and a Seattle Mariners bottle opener cap.

At least a bottle opener is more useful than a boa.

Below is a list of gender-related events at ballparks this year, as well as that Super Bowl ad.

~ baseballrebecca

Date Team Event
4/24 Mariners Guys Night Out


Atlanta Braves

Camden Riversharks

Ladies Night

Girls in Sports Day

5/6 Boston Girls of Summer
5/8 Mariners Girls Night Out
6/5 Royals Girls Night Out
6/13 Brewers Brewed for Her Event (Girls’ Night Out)
6/18 Nationals Ladies Day
7/10 Lowell #LikeAGirl Night
7/10 Mariners Guys Night Out
7/23 Aberdeen Ladies Night
7/30 State College Guys Night Out
8/1 White Sox Ladies Night
8/6 Lakewood Ladies Night/Women’s Expo
8/7 Mariners Girls Night Out

The Super Bowl ad:

And the extended version:


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