More Appreciation Days

teacher_app_333x113I noted a few weeks ago that it’s become commonplace that baseball teams hold events such as Military and Law Enforcement Appreciation Nights. But what about the other professions? Never fear, baseball is here and has it covered.

The professions with the most appreciation nights are health care and medical professionals, including nurses and pharmacists. The teams recognizing these professionals are: Bridgeport, Akron, Washington Nationals, Trenton, Aberdeen, Tampa Bay, and New Britain. The next most popular profession to be honored at a ballpark near you are teachers. Portland, Atlanta, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and Akron are all holding (or have held) Teacher Appreciation Nights. Interestingly, many teams appreciated teachers in May and June – when school was ending. Only St. Louis appears to be appreciating them in September.

400_teacher_toteBut these are the only professions being honored. On the list for this year are: administrative assistants, lawyers, wait staff, realtors, bankers, bus drivers, and corrections officers. In fact, the Aberdeen IronBirds are recognizing workers in several fields with Automotive Night, Construction Night, Healthcare Night, Accounting Night, Healthcare Night, Law Night, Realtor Night, Farm and Agriculture Night, Bankers Night, and Insurance Night. Similarly, the Cardinals had/have appreciation nights for the following: accounting industry, auto industry, bank and credit unions, financial planners, healthcare appreciation, insurance agencies, legal services, real estate, restaurant appreciation, salons and barber shops, and teachers and staff.

Below is the list of the remaining Professional Appreciation Nights for this year. Next year I want to see a Sociologists Appreciation Night!

~ baseballrebecca

Date Team Profession
7/22 Aberdeen Bankers Night
7/24 Aberdeen Insurance Night
7/31 Potomac Legal Professionals Night
7/31 New Britain Pharmacists and Medical Professionals Night
8/8 Tampa Bay Healthcare Professionals Night
8/9 Lancaster (CA) Aerospace Appreciation Night
8/9 State College Bus Driver Appreciation Night
8/12 Potomac Bus Driver and Teacher Appreciation Day
8/20 Brooklyn Corrections Officer Night
8/31 St. Louis Accounting Industry
9/1 St. Louis Teachers and Staff Appreciation Night
9/21 St. Louis Teachers and Staff Appreciation Night
9/22 St. Louis Healthcare Appreciation Night
9/23 St. Louis Healthcare Appreciation Night

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