Bryce Harper, in Song (Part 1)

He may not have his own theme song, like the Oriole’s Hyun Soo Kim, but he’s already had several songs written about him. In June 2015, local DJ Chris Styles wrote the rap song aptly named, “Bryce Harper.” You can listen to it below.

Oh, and in case you can’t make them out, the lyrics are quoted below, courtesy of the The Washington Post.


~ baseballrebecca




Knock it out the park like I’m Bryce Harper
All I make is hits like I’m Bryce Harper
Born in ’92 like I’m Bryce Harper
I know what to do call me Bryce Harper

I’m pointin’ for the fence like I’m Babe Ruth
I knock it out the park like I’m Bryce Harper
All I know is numbers playin’ money ball
I hit a home run and do the money walk

Verse 1
I been trynna get this money since like 17
2010 a youngin’ had a bigger dream
Stayed all toes down like a centipede
Stayed true to the crew now it’s bigger leagues
Ain’t no hand outs you can’t hold nothin’
I knock it out the park for every home run
Every move I make ain’t like the old one
Haters sittin’ so high up it make they nose run
I look back up at them and then I point em out
Show em what the boy about
Tell em imma slugger slugger
Ridin round to thugger thugger
Whip the whip to M Street pop up at the park
Grinding like a athlete get it poppin’ after dark
Ready for the money is the poppin’ way to be
Plus I stay on point like the bottom of some cleats
Name somebody else who get it poppin’ like they me
I’ll wait I’m great ain’t nobody else to be

I’m a winner ain’t nobody left to beat
Yall ain’t rookies you beginners at the bottom of your tee
Victories and Wins are just W’s and V’s
I put that win up on my hat so what’s that W to Me
What’s a W to me
I been winnin since I was watching that W & B

Hook x2

Verse 2
When it come to the numbers I’m like Jonah Hill
If I can’t do it for my team then no one will
I’m steppin’ up to the plate this is more real
Smith gotta keep my focus and I know I will
This a hit like Bryce it might go National DC rising
Slide like a Capital
Uber maneuvering all through the Capital
We on some turn up that might get irrational
Money on deck trynna get a plate
When I get the plate all I know is swing away
In the field always boutta make a play
I might get an Espy how I’m boutta ball today
Playin’ hardball like Keanu Reeves
Welcome wild thing to the major league
I’m Benji Rodriguez on the sandlot
Every time I’m up to bat it’s a jack pot
When I sign the check I need the full amount
He threw his last pitch get the ice out
Countin’ on me with a full count
Swinging for the fences knock the lights out
On strong never needed no steroids
You know that I ball like Vince Carter
Here’s another hit there there go Barry Bonds
Here’s another hit boy I’m Bryce Harper