Baseball and Rap

Photo courtesy of Straight Outta Cooperstown
Apparently Wale is not the only rapper that watches baseball, and apparently Bryce Harper is not his only subject. In October, Uproxx identified 20 rap songs with baseball references. That got me wondering, are there others out there?

A brief search of the internet revealed the sources below. (I haven’t listened to all of these, or watched the videos, to verify the content, so listen/watch at your own discretion.) And for even greater entertainment, check out Straight Outta Cooperstown’s mashup of rappers and baseball players – they are awesome!

  • The baseball blog, Three Up Three Down, identified its top 5 hip hop songs in 2013.
  • In 2011, Bleacher Report reported on the “10 Best Rap Songs with MLB Shout-Outs.”
  • XXL Magazine identified “The Best Baseball-Themed Rap Songs” in 2010.
  • has collected several MLB player references in rap, but obviously not all songs are on there.


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