Joe and Marilyn

On January 14, 1954, after a nearly two-year courtship, Joe DiMaggio and Marilyn Monroe married in a civil ceremony at city hall in San Francisco, CA. After the ceremony, they went to Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church for photographs. The couple could not be married in the Catholic ChMonroe-wedding-City-Hallurch because DiMaggio had previously married in the church and though he and actress Dorothy Arnold had legally divorced, DiMaggio had not obtained an annulment.

The marriage between DiMaggio and Monroe ended in divorce in October 1954. Nonetheless, Joe reportedly remained enamored of Marilyn, and it was DiMaggio who secured her release from a psychiatric clinic where she had been admitted after her January 1961 divorce from Arthur Miller. As every former baseball player knew, spring training in Florida was the place for rest and recuperation, so he took her to the Yankees spring training camp for her recovery. It was even rumored that DiMaggio asked her to remarry him at the time.

After Marilyn’s death in August 1962, Joe sent roses to her grave in Los Angeles every week until his own death in 1999.