Planning for Bobbles

c12d51868f6da4a15c087f5bb547dceaOn this cold winter’s day, I thought it would help if we looked forward to baseball season. And since yesterday’s post was about bobbleheads, today I thought I’d follow up with the list so far of bobblehead and gnome giveaways for 2016. The Brewers have announced they are giving away several bobbleheads during Spring Training, and they also have several bobbleheads giveaways for all fans during the season. Unfortunately, to date, only a few minor league teams have scheduled their bobblehead giveways, but I’m sure there will be more to come!

Happy Friday!

~ baseballrebecca

Date Team (MiLB teams in italics) Bobble or Gnome
30-Apr A’s Sean Doolittle Gnome
22-May A’s Josh Reddick bobblehead
16-Jul A’s Hello Kitty bobblehead
24-Apr Blue Jays Bobblehead # 1 – player TBD
29-May Blue Jays Delgado, Bautista, and Wells Trio Bobblehead
3-Jul Blue Jays Bobblehead # 2 – player TBD
24-Jul Blue Jays Bobblehead #3 – player TBD
14-Aug Blue Jays Stieb, Hentgen, and Halladay Trio Bobblehead
23-Apr Braves Caray-Van Wieren “Famous Calls” bobblehead
28-May Braves Chipper Rescues Freddie ATV bobblehead movie night
18-Aug Braves Andruw Jones Spiderman Catch bobblehead
17-Sep Braves Bobby Cox Carried Off bobblehead
4-Mar Brewers Jonathan Lucroy
6-Mar Brewers Vintage Brewers bobble
12-Mar Brewers Bud Selig
18-Mar Brewers Wily Peralta
21-Mar Brewers Paul Molitor
26-Mar Brewers Khris Davis
10-Apr Brewers Vintage Bobble in 1980s uniform
1-May Brewers Ryan Braun
29-May Brewers Kids’ Paint-Your-Own Bernie Bobblehead
12-Jun Brewers Barking Hank Bobblehead
26-Jun Brewers Greg Vaughn Bobblehead
31-Jul Brewers Jimmy Nelson Bobblehead
14-Aug Brewers Craig Counsell Bobblehead
16-Apr Cardinals Adam Wainwright
30-Apr Cardinals Trevor Rosenthal Bobblehead with sound chip
20-May Cardinals Yadier Molina garden gnome
4-Jun Cardinals Adam Wainwright and Yadier Molina “Final Out” Dual Bobblehead
22-Jul Cardinals Matt Holliday
6-Aug Cardinals Vintage Cardinal Bobblehead
9-Sep Cardinals Eddie Gaedel Bobblehead
1-Oct Cardinals David Eckstein Bobblehead
16-Apr Cubs Joe Maddon
30-Apr Cubs Ron Santo Replica Statue
5-Jul Cubs Antony Rizzo “Tarp Catch” Bobblehead
20-Jul Cubs Jake Arrieta Bobblehead
1-Aug Cubs Chris Bryant
16-Sep Cubs TBD Bobblehead
25-Apr Dodgers Clayton Kershaw
11-May Dodgers Dave Roberts
25-May Dodgers Adrian Gonzalez
8-Jun Dodgers Don Newcombe
22-Jun Dodgers Dusty Baker
2-Jul Dodgers 1981 Tri-MVP Bobblehead feat. Ron Cey, Steve Yeager, and Pedro Guerrero
26-Jul Dodgers Bobblehead #7
9-Aug Dodgers Bobblehead #8
20-Sep Dodgers Bobblehead #10
25-Sep Dodgers Bobblehead #9
23-Apr Giants Matt Duffy bobblehead
6-May Giants Brandon Crawford
30-Jun Lakewood Blue Claws Pork Roll bobblehead (attaches to 7/25 and 8/17 bobbleheads)
25-Jul Lakewood Blue Claws Egg bobblehead (attaches to 6/30 and 8/17 bobbleheads)
17-Aug Lakewood Blue Claws Cheese bobblehead (attaches to 6/30 and 7/25 bobbleheads)
30-Apr Mets Syndergaard-en Gnome
27-Aug Mets Matt Harvey bobblehead
17-Sep Mets Bobblehead (unspecified)
18-Jul Phillies Maikel Franco Bobble Figurine
17-Apr Pirates Josh Harrison gnome
23-Jun Pirates Gerrit Cole bobblehead
11-Aug Pirates Jung Ho Kang bobblehead
10-Sep Pirates Francisco Liriano bobblehead
21-May Pirates “Raise the Jolly Roger” bobblehead
23-Apr Reds Joey Votto
7-May Reds Star Wars X-Wing Figher Mr. Redlegs Bobblehead
21-May Reds Ken Griffey Jr. Dual Bobblehead
11-Jun Reds Reds Garden Gnome
16-Jul Reds Zack Cozart Bobblehead
3-Sep Reds Super Saturday Bobblehead
10-Apr Rockies Nolal Arenado Diamond Leader Bobblehead
23-Jul Rockies Star Wars Bobblehead
6-Aug Rockies Bobblehead (unspecified)
4-Sep Rockies Bobblehead (unspecified)
7-May White Sox Chris Sale K-Counter Bobbblehead
9-Apr Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Fang & Whiffer Double Bobblehead
17-Apr Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Matt Erickson
30-Apr Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Jason Rogers
15-May Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Fang & Hank the Dog double bobblehead
9-Jun Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Jake Gatewood (wearing Salute to Cows Jersey)
26-Jun Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Cory Chisel (Appleton native, Grammy nominated song writer)
30-Jun Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Khris Davis (wearing Military Appreciation Jersey)
24-Jul Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Orlando Arcia
5-Aug Wisconsin Timber Rattlers David Ortiz
22-Aug Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Monte Harrison
1-Sep Wisconsin Timber Rattlers Fan’s Choice Bobblehead

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