Baseball en Español

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In 1940, Graydon S. DeLand published “A Glossary of Baseball Terms in Spanish,” in The Modern Language Journal, the journal of the National Federal of Modern Language Teachers Associations. The idea of the article was to capture the attention of “sports-minded” students in Spanish classes and provide them with a vocabulary that would interest them. Graydon certainly was a visionary!

More recently, other English-Spanish and Spanish-English baseball dictionaries have been developed and posted online. These include:

I put together this nice little reference list because I’m still searching for an appropriate sociological explanation to explain the lack of news coverage of the Serie del Caribe (Caribbean Series). Is it that we don’t know most of the players? (Although we know several, including Dariel Alvarez). Is it that it’s taking place so far away? Or is it, simply, that not enough folks speak Spanish. If that’s all it is, Graydon and I have come up for a solution for that.

I’ve put some of the more common terms in a table below. After you study the list, you can take a Spanish baseball vocabulary quiz on Quizlet.

¡Viva el beisból!

~ baseballrebecca

Spanish English
Aficionado Fan
Bateador Batter
Batear To bat
Campeonato Championship
Carrera Run
Capturer, atrapar Catch
Receptor or catcher Catcher
Circulo de espera On-deck circle
Corredor Runner
Cuadrangular Home run (see also jonron)
Cuadro, entrada Inning
Equipo Team
Error Error
Estadio Stadium
Esquina caliente Third base; the hot corner
Ganador Winner
Guante Glove
Guardabosque Outfielder (see also jardinero)
Hit doble Double
Hit tripe Triple
Jardín Outfield
Jardinero Outfielder (see also guardabosque)
Jonrón Home run (see also cuadrangular)
Jonronero Home run hitter
Lanzador Pitcher
Linea de foul Foul line
Parte baja de la septima Bottom of the seventh
Pasból Passed ball
Sencillo single
Partido Game
Ponche strikeout
Turno al bateo At bat

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