Serie del Caribe: Questions Remain

Serie 16The Serie del Caribe may be over for 2016, but it gave us a lot to think about. Not only did it bring national attention to the series in the United States, but it may have given us some new Cuban baseball defectors. Here are just a few things to think about:

  • Why is it that neither The New York Times nor The Washington Post covered the Caribbean Series championship game in their Sunday print editions? Sure, there were other sports stories on Sunday, but they couldn’t even manage a mention in “What’s on TV”? A quick search on the Post‘s website for “Caribbean Series” reveals a whopping five stories on the entire series (six if you count the one yesterday about the Gurriels defecting) during the week; the Times website lists four articles. And when the results are sorted by relevance, the first article in the list is about the Zika virus. Really?
  • Was it a good thing or a bad thing that the Series final was moved from ESPN Deportes (to make way for the Super Bowl) to ESPN News? Although this apparently was announced previously, it wasn’t made clear to those of us scrambling to find the game. However, ESPN News is a channel that usually broadcasts in English, so maybe the Series reached more people on ESPN News? (Still waiting for ESPN public relations to get back to me on that one.)
  • Why were and slow to update their sites with information about the Series? As late as a few days before, there was virtually no information on the schedules, the rosters, etc. And why, is it still so hard to find the rosters on (They are there, just not easy to find, in my opinion. And when they were added is a mystery, since I couldn’t find them a week ago, either.)
  • The Orioles’ Dariel did a great job – but was it enough to get him noticed? Or will he end up in Norfolk again this season?

As the Baseball Sociologist, I know there are multiple layers to these issues, and there are numerous sociological theories I could apply. I’ll leave the interpretation up to you, my beloved readers. Feel free to weigh in on any or all of these in the comments section.

~ baseballrebecca


2 thoughts on “Serie del Caribe: Questions Remain

  1. I made an effort to find a stream of a game or two online, but did not have any luck. The usual places I look for MLB games did not have them, nor did any other place I tried or Googled my way into.

    On a distantly-related note, when the Royals had a free t-shirt night a couple summers ago featuring the team name in Spanish, “Los Reales,” there was a minor uproar of indignation from some fans that a team should not be encouraging that kind of thing. Fortunately, there were other fans who were good enough to point out that half the team speaks Spanish as their native language, so why not honor them?


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