A List of Firsts

featured-dodgersIf Willard Brown was the fourth black player in MLB history, who else was in the top 10? Naturally, that depends on how and who you count. Thus, my latest baseball list is woefully incomplete and somewhat of a mash-up, combining the first black player for each MLB team, with the first ten black baseball players. With a few other notable firsts. But at least it’s a cool list!

~ baseballrebecca

Player MLB Debut Debuted With
Jackie Robinson April 15, 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers
Larry Doby July 5, 1947 Cleveland Indians
Hank Thompson and Willard Brown – first black teammates July 17, 1947 and July 19, 1947 St. Louis Browns
Dan Bankhead – first black pitcher August 26, 1947 Brooklyn Dodgers
Roy Campanella – first black catcher April 20, 1948 Brooklyn Dodgers
Satchel Paige – first AL black pitcher July 9, 1948
Monte Irvin July 8, 1949 New York Giants
Sam Jethroe April 18, 1950 Boston Braves
Minnie Minoso May 1, 1951 Chicago White Sox
Willie Mays May 24, 1951 New York Giants
Bob Trice September 13, 1953 Philadelphia Athletics
Ernie Banks September 17, 1953 Chicago Cubs
Curt Roberts April 13, 1954 Pittsburgh Pirates
Tom Alston April 13, 1954 St. Louis Cardinals
Chuck Harmon and Nino Escalera April 17, 1954 Cincinnati Reds
Carlos Paula September 6, 1954 Washington Senators
Elston Howard April 14, 1955 New York Yankees
John Kennedy April 22, 1957 Philadelphia Phillies
Ozzie Virgil June 6, 1958 Detroit Tigers
Pumpsie Green July 21, 1959 Boston Red Sox






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