Coverage of the Rays in Cuba

1 68Eb40G036iQzYhJBaQ1-QWith all the media coverage of Obama and the Rays’ visit to Cuba, what’s a baseball fan supposed to do? The Baseball Sociologist has it covered. Below are links to some of the most interesting articles posted over the last few days on various news websites:

  • Tampa Bay Tribune, “Cubans’ passion for baseball ‘is their DNA’”
  • ESPN, “MLB’s goal is a safer pipeline from Cuba”
  • Washington Post, “With Obama visit, Cubans home for home run in baseball diplomacy”
  •, “Hello Havana: Historic Cuba trip begins”
  • Tampa Bay Tribune, “Rays announce Cuba roster, with one special addition: defector Varona”
  • ESPN, “Cuban players are on the rise in MLB, and the dream of playing for country one day”
  • Washington Post, “With Obama and MLB in Cuba, Dusty Baker wants the Nationals to visit one day”
  • Tampa Bay Times, updated “live” coverage

And for more of an historical perspective:

  • Huffington Post, “Havana’s Forgotten Baseball Team Play A Key Role in U.S.-Cuba Relations”
  • ESPN, “10 Cuban baseball pioneers”
  • Tampa Bay Tribune, “Tampa, Cuba have a history that was forged on baseball diamond”
  • Baltimore Sun, “With Rays set to play in Cuba, a look back at the Orioles’ groundbreaking visit in 1999”
  • The New York Times, “This Cuban Defector Changed Baseball. Nobody Remembers.”
  • Los Angeles Times, “Obama’s going to a ballgame in Havana: Here’s what he needs to know about Cuban baseball”

Happy reading!

~ baseballrebecca



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