Opening Day in 10 Days!!!!

CdH2A9LUIAEeKB-.jpg large

Adam Jones being getting a taste of his own pie (photo courtesy of @SimplyAJ10 on Twitter)

Opening Day is just 10 days away! (Counting today, that is.)

What does “10” mean to Orioles fans? Adam Jones, of course!

The biggest Adam Jones news to come out of Spring Training was the Orioles’ new ban on post-game pie-ing. Jones is well-known for his pie-in-the-face celebrations, which have featured actual pies since 2014 (prior to that they were the traditional shaving cream pies).

An informal poll by the Baltimore Sun found that 85% of the 1,500 or so fans who responded wanted to keep the the pie tradition alive. To help us through the pain, the Sun kindly published a “best of” photo gallery of pie-ing. MLB’s Cut4 also had a pretty nice tribute. (Also check out their “offseason ode to Adam Jones, the undisputed master of the celebratory pie,” published one month prior to the ban on, of course, National Pie Day – not to be confused with Pi Day.)

But we’re all pretty sure Adam has something new planned for 2016…

~ baseballrebecca

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