Steve Bumbry in 2012 wearing the same number his father, Al Bumbry, wore with the Baltimore Orioles from 1972 to 1984 (photo courtesy of the Frederick Keys)

Opening Day is one day away!

Or it’s today.

It all depends on how you count and who you root for. In addition to the now-traditional Sunday Opening Night game on ESPN, four “Opening Day” games are being played today: Cardinals at Pirates (1:00 pm on ESPN), Cubs at Angels (3:05 pm), Blue Jays at Rays (4:00 pm on ESPN 2), and Mets at Royals (8:30 pm on ESPN).

For me, Opening Day is tomorrow with the Minnesota Twins playing my Baltimore Orioles at 3:05 pm (and the Washington Nationals at Atlanta, starting at 4:10 pm). You can find schedules and the list of games televised on MLB’s website and the ESPN website.

Oh happy day!

~ baseballrebecca



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